Visitors Information



  • No Visa is required for ASEAN visitors
    you are allowed 30 days per entry.
  • Visa (for non-ASEAN visitors)
    For Single Entry Visa You are allowed 30 days per entry. – Please make sure you have a minimum of six months left on your Passport before expiry.
  • Please Note: If you are coming on a Single Entry Visa and are staying longer than 30 days, you will require additional funds for a return trip to the border and to renew your visa.
  • For Multiple Entry Visa or a B211 (if this option is available in your country) – Please make sure you have a minimum of 18 months left on your Passport before expiry.
  • A Multiple Entry Visitor’s Visa or B211 can be purchased in some countries. These Visas are best applied for if you are intending to stay longer than 3 months and will be travelling across the Malaysian/Indonesian border more than once every 60 days.
    Indonesia is very strict about immigration. Even if your Passport is short by 1 day, you run the risk of being refused entry. For NZ Visa info see: If coming for longer than 60 days a “One year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa” is available in some countries. Please check with the Indonesian Embassy website in your country.



  • Food and Accommodation
    Mt Hope Training Centre is a faith ministry Visitors are welcome. A love gift of around (23RM per Day per person) would be appreciated to help with expenses as food and power cost is high in Balai Karangan.
  • Transportation
    There is a small cost for return transportation from the Entikong border to cover staff and petrol costs.
  • The Mt Hope van will collect the team from and return them to the border. Each van trip costs approximately (25 RM).
  • If there is a large team the Mt Hope bus will collect the team from and return them to the border. Each bus trip costs approximately (45 RM).
  • A return trip to a Village in the Van/Bus or Truck will cost approximately (45 RM).
  • This cost is per vehicle trip not per person.
  • If a receipt is required please see our Training Centre office staff.
  • Please Note.
    Breakfast is not provided but lunch and dinner is. If you prefer to eat a western style breakfast we have bread, eggs and flour for sale in our canteen. There are also some items available at the local mini-market if you require additional food items such as cornflakes, oats, tinned butter, jam and toiletries.
  • Travel Details.
    The closest airport to us is in Kuching, Malaysia. If flying internationally you could go through Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Brunei. If arriving in Kuching after 2.30pm you will need to stay in Kuching overnight as the Entikong border closes at 6 pm (Malaysian time). If you are booked into paid accommodation in Kuching, taxis are easy to hire at the airport and are a set price of approximately 25RM. We have friends in Kuching who can pick you up from the airport if they are not travelling out of the area and they do accommodate some of our visitors.
  • Please note:
    If you book an early departure flight from Kuching (before 12 noon Malaysia time) you will need to leave Mt Hope the previous day and stay the night in Kuching. Indonesian time is an hour behind Malaysia and travel time to Kuching is 2 hours. You must take into consideration the check-out time at immigration at both borders at Entikong as there may be long queues. You will also need to organise a taxi from your accommodation to the Kuching Airport.
  • Travel Details from Kuching to Mount Hope
    The hire of a 9 seater van costs approximately (RM160) to the border. We will arrange this once your flights are booked. (Cost is per van not per person). Pick up can be from your accommodation or from the airport.
    A staff member from Mount Hope will meet you at the Entikong border and transport you to Mount Hope. The trip is approximately 30 mins.


Things to bring

  • Dressy sandals for church and school & rubber jandals/thongs/flip-flops/sandals
    Water bottle
    Sunscreen & Insect Repellent
    Personal items & toiletries
    Malaria tablets (if you so wish)
    Any favourite food items such as breakfast items
    Personal medication
    Fold-up umbrella
  • Clothing: The temperatures range from 28-42 degrees Celsius+ and day-time heat can be oppressive therefore cotton or cotton blends are the coolest clothes. Shoes: Jandals/thongs/flip-flops, sandals or slip on shoes are convenient. Sandshoes may be useful if visiting villages and you need to walk some distance.
  • Females
    Short sleeve blouse/shirts and/or T-shirts. Shoulders must be covered
    Knee length shorts or 3⁄4 pants
    Trousers/dress pants
    Skirt/Dress – knee length or longer. At least one dress/skirt is needed for church and formal occasions and a dressy top
    Light Weight jacket/sweater
    Personal sanitary items
  • Males
    Short sleeve shirts and/or T-shirts (no singlets).
    Knee length shorts or 3⁄4 pants
    Trousers/slacks – at least one pair of trousers/slacks is needed for church and formal occasions & a good shirt (not cargo pants or jeans)
    Short-sleeved shirt with a collar
    Light Weight jacket/sweater
  • General note about clothing: The local dress code is fairly conservative and visitors are expected to honour this. Knee-length shorts are worn at the centre most of the time. Trousers/skirts are used for church, meetings or teaching in schools. In Indonesia, any meetings (i.e. church and any gatherings, seminars, etc) semi-formal dress is expected. These happen regularly, so please come prepared. This means men need long trousers and a shirt; ladies require trousers, dress or skirt and top. While at the Centre, no shorts or skirts are worn above the knee. Tops and bottoms must meet at the waist and still meet when you raise your arms Females: No singlet tops to be worn outside your accommodation. Mosquitoes are common in the early morning and in the evening. Having a long sleeved shirt or jacket can be useful at times and also used for when the weather is a little cooler. Although it is hot, light weight trousers are very convenient and worn often. Temperatures in the middle of the night could drop somewhat. If you feel the cold, please come with appropriate wear.



  • Vaccinations
    It is advisable to have these immunisations current:
    • Tetanus, polio, hepatitis A & B
    • Malaria – medication can be taken for the duration of your stay but it is also acceptable to bring the medication with you and use it only if malaria symptoms are evident. Consult your doctor for the best advice.
  • Indonesian Currency
    Your money can be exchanged at the airport (Kuching, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore) or at a money changer in Kuching into Indonesian Rupiah. Malaysian Ringgit only can be changed with the Mt Hope office or at the money changer in our town for a competitive rate.
  • Mobile Phones
    There are mobile phone services in the area that operate using SIM cards (i.e.: Vodafone type). You can either get your service provider in your home country to connect you with International Roaming, or purchase an Indonesian SIM card here. The set-up cost is approximately RP 15,000 and RP 50,000 for recharge cards. SMS (texts) cost approximately 6 cents each using the local service.
  • Internet
    Wireless internet is available at Mount Hope. It is RP 15,000 per week. A password is required and once connected, please pay at the office.
  • Smoking and Alcohol
    Smoking or alcohol consumption strictly not allowed on the premises. If you have a concern regarding this please contact us to discuss it prior to your visit.