The History

Sam & Carol SoukottaThe predecessor to Mt Hope was Tawanmangu Christian Training College located in the mountains of Tawangmangu, near the city of Solo in Central Java, Indonesia. The Training College was founded in 1968 by Dal & Dorothy Walker and is now currently directed by Sam and Carol Soukotta (pictured on right). Carol is the daughter of Dal and Dorothy Walker and Sam is Indonesian. To date, over 3,500 students have graduated from the school. Each year between 90 and 140 students come to Tawanmangu Training College.
In 1997 Sam Soukotta visited Borneo where he was challenged by the poor living conditions, hopelessness, lack of education and opportunities amongst the Dayak people. He had a vision for a community offering a place of hope, especially for the Dayak children of Kalimantan to live, where they could get quality schooling and tertiary training in order to contribute in skilled ways back into their community, and where the community of West Kalimantan could access medical and hospital care.
Mt Hope is now a vibrant training centre where children can now get wonderful pre-school, primary and secondary education. Tawanmangu and Mt Hope work powerfully together and complement each other. Numbers of teachers and staff at Mt Hope got their training at Tawanmangu and numbers of students from Mt Hope go on to further training at Tawanmangu Training College.