WelhelpanWelhelpan: from the village of Raut Muara, West Kalimantan. His parents are very poor, and have a few black pepper trees to sustain the family of 7. Welhelpan came to Mt Hope in 2000 at the age of 13. He began junior high school here, completing 6 years grade school, then was sent on to university where he studied to be a teacher. Now he is back at Mt Hope teaching geography and sport and helping with administration in the school.

BatiBati: lived in a very poor village nestled deep in Borneo’s interior. Her father died and her handicapped mother abandoned her. She had to fend for herself from the age of 3 foraging in the jungle for any form of food she could get. Mount Hope found her at the age of 7. She was malnourished, dirty and could not speak a word of Indonesian. Today she has a future receiving care and quality education at Mount hope.

Peni: came to Mount Hope at the age of 16 to finish her schooling. She has now returned to teach in the kindergarten. She testifies, “If Mount Hope had not been there she would not have been able to get a tertiary education and become a kindergarten teacher”.

Pet1Petronela: was diagnosed with malaria which had spread to her brain and a broken hip which she had had for over a month before seeing any doctors. The doctors told the parents she would die, or at least be totally disabled both mentally & physically. Her parents had given up hope and had no more money for any treatment. God has miraculously healed Petronela and here she is today. Back at school and running around a healthy 13 year old. Praise God!