An introduction

Mt Hope is located in West Kalimantan, on the island of Borneo. While Borneo is divided among three countries (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia), West Kalimantan is a province of Indonesia.


Mt Hope is in the interior of West Kalimantan, a 10-minute walk from a small village town called Balai Karangan. To travel here by vehicle is a 2-hour drive from Kuching in Malaysia, crossing the Malaysian/Indonesian border. The drive from the border to Mt Hope takes approximately 25 minutes. (As you drive from the border you will see locals on the roadsides and about their daily lives, a variety of animal life, you’ll pass through many local villages, various types of vehicles – trucks, cars and especially motor bikes, lush jungle forms the roadside border. Finally you’ll pass through the town of Balai Karangan.)


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Dayaks are the largest ethnic population in West Kalimantan – the area around Mt Hope is heavily Dayak populated, and largely consists of a very traditional and subsistence way of life.
There is somewhere between 2 – 4 million Dayak people.

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