Malcolm and Linda Bayliss

“Over the years we felt the tug in our hearts to help those with less opportunity in developing countries”. In 2004 this tug lead to Malcolm & Linda’s decision to move to Mount Hope. They had always been involved in helping those in need both in their own community and abroad, and were previously pastoring in New Zealand. They were often asked the question; “Why did you leave NZ, A country that is so beautiful, clean and advanced?” The answer is simple for them… “When you see the need and know you can help how can you not?” Malcolm & Linda’s passion is training, encouraging and mentoring the staff, as well as working with the village church planters who are so encouraged by having ongoing input into their lives.

Craig and Francee Pilcher

Craig & Francee have been travelling to Borneo for short-term trips for the past 5 years. Their first trip was a bit like a recognisance mission. Once they got there the people and work of Mount Hope took hold of their hearts, and the next trip was already being planned.

Craig is the Project Manager at the training center. He has had 38 years experience in the building & construction industry, and has owned his own building company in New Zealand. Last year he spent a total of 7 months at Mount Hope. His time and energy is devoted to helping train both staff & locals, planning the progress of the building at Mount Hope, along with promoting the vision of the project.

“We believe that every person has incredible potential, and we are excited to be a part of a project that invests so much into the growth of others in all areas of their lives. To see the children flourish where there is so much hardship and poverty, compared to the lives we have lived in NZ, is beyond words”.

Andrew and Sharlene Vere-Jones

Andrew and Sharlene Vere-Jones live in Wellington, New Zealand.

Their first trip to Mt Hope was in 2003.  In 2008, Andrew co-ordinated the design of the first of a series of 15 new buildings to house the children. In 2010, Andrew and Sharlene spent 3 months at Mt Hope. During this time they carried out a measured survey of the site & existing buildings. This now enables the solid future planning of the campus layout.

Andrew is a NZ registered architect and Sharlene a NZ registered nurse & is also a keen musician, songwriter & guitar teacher.

John and Diane Cranfeild

John & Diane had been wanting to come to Indonesia since the early 1970’s when they first met the Soukottas in New Zealand.  They have raised their 4 children and now have grandchildren.  In September 2010 their dream was realised and they came for a 3 month stint.

John has a doctorate in marine biology and this was put to good use in the area of the fish farm.  He is overseeing the development of the fish farm for the future.  Diane has training in many areas including teaching English in Wales, real estate and she has owned a café business for 5 years.

Diane and John have travelled extensively and they both have the passion and energy to do “whatever it takes to get the job done.” They have already booked their flights back for mid 2011 to help be a part of the team here.

Malcolm Baxter

Malcolm trained as a NZ primary school teacher. Over a 40 year career he taught in a wide variety of schools in the Canterbury and Wellington regions of NZ. He was a school principal for 15 years. He also worked in guidance and advisory roles in the NZ Ministry of Education. He has a BA degree and a Diploma of Teaching. After retirement he has been involved in contract work supporting and advising school principals and school boards of trustees helping them to resolve issues and problems and become more successful schools.

Jamie McCarthy

Jamie began his career in sales at the age of 18. His business and sales experience has spanned over 35 years for a number of successful companies. During that time he has been a business coach for Action International for 7 years.

Clarence U

Clarence was born in Singapore and lived there until he was 15, after which he migrated to New Zealand with his whole family. After graduating from Massey University he returned to Singapore for his National Service in the Armed Forces where he was commissioned as an Officer. He later spent 2 years working in Singapore before returning to New Zealand

His speciality is in business process improvement and coaching and in August 2010, he travelled to Mount Hope to assist with their strategic planning as well as streamlining the Centre’s bakery operations.

Clarence is married to Ling and has two daughters, Jamie (8yrs) and Marissa (4yrs). In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and photography.

David and Pricilla Belcher

David & Pricilla have been in the Building Industry for the past 50 years. They own & manage their own company for the last 40 years & work in both domestic and commercial construction.

Abby Benton

Palmerston North in New Zealand is where Abby is from. After gaining her Bachelor of Education and Certificate in Teaching English as an Additional Language (TEAL), she taught at Awapuni Primary School for 3 years before heading off to Indonesia.

A passion for the children at Mount Hope, and a desire to see the young Dayak children become men and women who are able to stand strong with clear visions, is a strong desire of Abby’s. “I am here because I believe that the children who come and live here have an opportunity to have a real relationship with Christ and be discipled, trained and well-educated in order to become leaders in their own communities and language groups.”

“Trying out new things, reading, talking, climbing hills, making music, spending time with friends and family are a few things that I love doing in my relaxation time.”

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