The Founders of Mt Hope

Sam was born and raised in the Molucca Islands of Western Indonesia and trained at an AOG Bible School in Ambon. Carol is from New Zealand, although she has lived in Indonesia for over 40 years. Carols parents were missionaries to Indonesia way back in the middle of last century, and in 1968 they founded Tawangmangu Christian College in Central Java. The college has trained over 3,500 students since is birth which is a fantastic achievement.

Sam & Carol married in 1972 and have lived on campus at Tawangmangu since. They direct the college, and are very involved in teaching and caring for the students and giving of themselves to the community in which they live. They have four children and five grandchildren.

A great passion of Sam’s is fishing. So when you visit Indonesia, don’t forget to check out the spots with Sam. He knows them all.


Directors of Mount Hope

Abraham & Meelani Staff ProfileAbraham & Meelani have two children. Angela 14, and Gerard 10.
Abraham is from North Sumatra and attended University for 3 years before studying for two years and working for 12years at Tawamangau Christian College. Abraham came to Mt Hope in May 2000 where he has helped in the pioneering work clearing the land, starting the building, and setting up the children’s home and school.
Meelani is from East Java; she graduated High School and then went on to study at Tawamangau Christian College. Meelani became Abraham’s secretary for the Foundation and along with Abraham, is Co-Director of Mt Hope. Meelani Manages Manna Bakery, which produces bread for sale to the local communities. The profits from the bakery are used to provide food for the children in Mt Hopes care.

Welmus & Susu Staff ProfileWELMUS & SUSIS WASHINGTON

Head of Boys Home, Supervisor of Landscaping & Vegetable Production & Kindergarten Teacher

Welmus comes from West Borneo Raut Muara & Susis comes from Engkahan. They met and married at Mt Hope and have 2 children, Claudia who is 5 and Kristo 2½.

Welmus was a farmer before completing a Bible School Diploma and has been at Mt Hope for 10 yrs. He is currently Head of the Boys Home, and responsible for overseeing the production of vegetable gardens along with liasing with the clients in regards to the Manna Bakery deliveries.

Susis is a Kindergarten Teacher and studied for a Teaching Diploma before coming to Mt Hope 8 yrs ago.


Office Manager & Kindergarten Teacher

Freddie & Kezia Staff ProfilePetrus & Kezia are both from Java and have a 1-year-old son called Giovanni.
Freddy was involved in a serious accident and suffered head injuries while he was studying at University in Java. After taking a year to recover from the operations he required, Freddy worked in administration and gained a Diploma in Accountancy. He then headed to Tawamangau Christian College and studied for 2 years. From there he want on to take the role of Pastor in a Village for 4 yrs. Freddy has been at Mt Hope for 10 years now, firstly as a translator then a teacher, and currently holds the Office Manager and Treasurer positions.

Keiza trained at Tawamangau Christian College for 2 years. She is a Teacher and teaches the Kindergarten children.

Betty Staff ProfileBETTY JOAT

Primary School Principal

Betty grew up in Ambon, Maluku. She graduated from Senior High School and went onto study at Tawamangau Christian College. When Betty had finished her studies she returned to Ambon and worked at a local church for 3 years before returning to Tawamangau to study for her Theology Degree. Betty then returned home to Ambon and in 2000 the opportunity arose for her to come to Mt Hope. When she arrived, Betty helped out in the office and went on to the role of Principal of the Kindergarten for 5 years. For the last 2 years she has been the Primary School Principal.


Junior High Principal and Manna Bakery Assistant

Octav & Maria Staff ProfileOctav gained his degree in Civil Engineering from Immanuel University and went on to spend 1 year at Tawamangau Christian College. He came to Mt Hope from Java and has been at Mt Hope for 4 years where he was the Elementary School Principal for 2 years, and is now the Junior High School Principal.

Maria came to Mt Hope after graduating High School and now works at Manna Bakery, one of the micro-businesses at Mt Hope. Here she helps with the production of bread and buns, which are sold in the surrounding towns to raise finances to feed the children in Mt Hopes care.

Triono & Luisiana Staff ProfileTRIONO & LUISIANA SARDI

Kindergarten Principal & Junior High School Teacher

Triyono is from Java and Luisiana from Badik, Borneo. They have a 3-month-old son, Maton.
Triyono studied at Tawamangau Christian College for 2 years, he has been at Mt Hope for 9 years and is currently the Kindergarten Principal.

Luisiana has been at Mt Hope for 3 years; she trained as a teacher and majored in Science. Luisiana is currently teaching in the Junior High School.


Building Project Supervisor & Primary School Teacher

Toni & Beatrix Staff ProfileToni is from East Java and Beatrix from South Celebes. They were married in 2008 and have a 7 month old baby son called Davin Jayden.
Tony and Beatrix both spent 2 years studying at Tawamangau Christian College.
Toni came to Mt Hope 10 yrs ago. In 1998 he completed his studies as an Electrician and is currently the Building Project Supervisor. In 2007 Toni spent 3 months in New Zealand with Craig Pilcher in his Building Company to gain further insight into building processes.
Beatrix has been class one teacher in the Primary School for the past 8 years.

Nora Staff ProfileNORA SINAGA

Head of the Girls Home and a Senior Teacher in the Primary School

Nora comes from Sumatra. She has an Economics degree and was working in Johor Bahru pursuing her corporate career. Four years ago she gave up her career to focus on providing care and education to the children at Mt Hope.