The Vision

How it all began

In 1998 Sam Soukotta visited Borneo from his home in Tawangmangu, Java. During his visit he was moved by the poor living conditions, hopelessness, lack of education & opportunities amongst the 2.5 million Dayak people in the area. Sam had a vision of a thriving community, which included children’s homes, where the children live in a family environment with house parents to care for them, a kindergarten, primary school, junior and senior high school, a polytechnic and university, medical clinic, & hospital. So Sam was spurred into action to give these children who have little or no opportunity, the chance to live, grow and learn in a loving, nurturing and safe environment. A place where they are mentored and encouraged in their dreams, & given hope and a future. With a focus on becoming as self sufficient as possible, creating micro-businesses both within the training centre & the surrounding community.

So together Sam & Carol & Abraham & Melani along with a small team of like-minded people, got planning for the birth of this project. A plot of jungle land was miraculously secured, and so Mount Hope was born.

Who are we?

We are a team of Nationals from many different islands in Indonesia – Sumatra, Sulawesi, Ambon, Timor, Java and of course those from West Kalimantan. Many of the staff leave home and families to serve here in this less developed part of Indonesia, and use their skills and abilities to open doors for the community. A heart to serve God wherever they are needed is the underlying drive behind this dedicated team of people.

Why we do what we do

At the point when you come face to face with poverty and are touched by the needs of others, whether it’s from the media news of the next devastating disaster, a graphic picture of the loss of life or actually experiencing poverty face to face on your travels, there is a choice.

For all the team, & the short and long-term volunteers, both past & present here there was a point when they said, “I want to make a difference”. The love for their fellow man changed from a thought to an action and they decided to “jump the fence” and change lives.

We want to extend a hand up to the Dayak people of West Kalimanatan because we care about their future & we believe our lives are so much richer when we give of our talents & ourselves.

Where is our home base?

We are a 10-minute walk from a small village town called Balai Karangan in West Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia. To travel here by vehicle we are a 2-hour drive from Kuching in Malaysia, crossing the Malaysian/Indonesian boarder.