The Progress

What’s next?

We have been very busy over the past 12 years and are so thankful to everyone who has given of their time, energy and resources. With the help of these great people the progress at Mt Hope is continuing.
We started with a parcel of jungle back in 1998 and had a big vision to build a collection of services that would benefit the surrounding communities. To date we have grown to

  • Two classes of Kindergarten
  • A six class Primary School
  • Library
  • Computer Suite
  • Junior High School – year 7 – 9
  • Several children’s homes, which house approximately 130 children.
  • Vegetable and fruit gardens
  • A Fish farm
  • A Bakery


Children’s Homes

We were all so excited to have completed the first of fifteen new children’s homes in early 2010. The house accommodates around 60 children in two adjoining houses, approximately 30 in each. The children were thrilled to move in and have some space of their own and have blossomed in this family environment. House parents who help them establish routines, good hygiene practices and moral values care for the children. We are very focused on the children holistically so they grow into happy, healthy and productive adults who love and care for their fellow man.


Junior High School Year 7 – 9

The double storey building, which was a children’s dormitory, has been renovated into the New Junior High school. The bottom floor has been divided into five rooms and includes

  • A staff office
  • A computer suite
  • 3 classrooms
  • New toilets

All the classrooms have new fans, which the children are stoked about. As you can imagine it is pretty hot & uncomfortable without them.

The next step in the building process is to begin early 2011 by building more classrooms for the Junior High School & to continue planning towards the Senior High School. But the vision doesn’t stop there.


Progress To Date

Here is how Mount Hope looks today.

The Future.
This is how we envision the finished project. It’s a fantastic trip towards Changing a Nation


Here is a 3d walk through of the future.