Self Sufficiency

It is our aim to continue work on and grow the projects we already have running – the bakery, fish farm & a small pig farm. Along with this we are looking into starting a restaurant as part of the bakery project. In the future we will help provide education and training necessary to enable the villagers to become self sufficient within their community.

The Bakery

The bakery produces a selection of 5000 buns, cakes, loaves of bread & various other products each week. These are distributed for sale to various businesses in the district. The proceeds of sales from the bakery go towards funding the Training Centre.

Amongst the staff working in the bakery are a number of the young people who have gone through their schooling at Mount Hope. After graduating High School, they have chosen to stay on and use the skills they have trained in to further benefit others.

The Piggery

A pig farm has been established to generate extra income. The breeding & selling of pigs is another avenue created to provide food for the children at the Centre. As well as this, funds from the sale of the pigs helps to support widows & elderly folk in the surrounding area who struggle to make ends meet.

Agriculture & Fishery

Currently there are several fruit and vegetable gardens that are enjoying success and the fresh produce from these are used to provide food for the children & staff here. The food production team are fantastic at what they achieve in the poor soil in the area. We are all really grateful for all the effort they put into providing healthy fresh food for us in challenging conditions of heat, humidity and torrential rain.

We are very keen to grow and expand the fish production so the community are able to access fresh fish, which will increase the standard of health in the area.

We are in the process of looking into upgrading our fishponds in 2011 & incorporating aquaculture – using the recycled fishpond water to grow crops. A really exciting opportunity.

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This new micro business is in the planning stage. The restaurant will be a significant revenue earner for Mt Hope and will incorporate the bakery. Current profit from the bakery assists with feeding the children at Mt Hope. Expansion will increase the capacity to help more children to access high quality education here. In particular, more orphaned and abandoned children will be given a chance to make something of their future & we will be able to offer people in the community training and jobs.